Privacy policy


Propath, working under registration number BE0459772872 with its offices registered at Nieuwe Pontstraat 9 B-9600 Ronse is a company mainly producing stainless steel equipment for medical and commercial use.

In accordance with the European Act 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of individuals concerning the treatment of personal data (“GDPR” of “AVG”), we are responsible for the Data we use , and for the data processing of your personal data.


The care for the protection of the privacy of data is the base for a trustful business relation between you and us. Therefore we are very serious about the treatment of the privacy in every business relation.

In this Privacy declaration, we explain how we collect and process your personal data.


You give us a number or personal data when communicating with us through our sales channels, for instance when you transmit us data to create a customer account or when you get into contact with us for any question. We obtain some data by registration how our website and apps are used, eg by technologies as cookies.

We will only process relevant data to deliver the service and goods you expect from us.

You have full control over the personal data we process. When we ask you to give us personal data, you can always decline the request, however when you choose not to give the personal data needed to deliver a product or service, it is possible we will not deliver the product or service.

Details of your contract when setting up a contract with us as service or product supplier or customer : Data needed for a normal business relation

Your interactions with us: the content of messages, emails, letters and telephones with us, or questions and data you provide us for customer support.


We use your personal data to maintain a normal business relation.
this contains :

  • Marketing (customer listing, newsletters, direct marketing)

  • Commitment to legal obligations

  • Litigation

See below for more information.


We use personal data for :

  • Customer listings: we can setup a contact list for existing customers and prospects.

  • Direct marketing: we can send you messages (also emails and text messages) on products and services we provide or our direct suppliers provide, and which we think can be of interest to you (eg because you bought or showed interest to similar products or services)

  • Custom content: we can use your personal data to provide you with promotions.

When you do not accept our marketing activities, you can still receive requests for feedback, surveys and other customer care communications.

You can suspend at any time your approval for our marketing activities or unsubscribe for messages asking about feedback, surveys , by replying to these marketing mails or to use the contact data in the section ‘how to exercise your rights’

Commitment to legal obligations

We process or share personal data with third parties when obliged for legal matters on eg :

  • Fiscal laws

  • Bookkeeping laws

  • Fraud prevention laws

  • Credit risk reducing laws

  • Insurance laws

  • Personnel law

  • Compliance with laws

disputes and litigation

We can use personal data to :

  • Solve potential or actual disputes

  • Defend our legal rights

  • To react on court procedures

  • To react on request from law enforcement agencies

  • To protect our own rights, privacy, security and our properties.

legal base

For the following purposes we collect, use and process your personal data as long as there is a legal basis. These can be :

  • Because we need them to set up a contract or prepare a potential contract. Eg to deliver goods you have ordered. We can also collect data in the process before we come to a contract: eg when you ask us for a quotation.

  • Because we need them to fulfil legal requests. In certain cases we have to store your data because we have the legal obligation to do so. Eg to take care of global security, fiscal matters, etc.

  • Because you agreed. When you fill up forms (paper or online) and choose to give us your personal data.

  • Because it is our legitimate interest. Eg to prevent fraud etc. when we process your data with this purpose we will always keep balance between our interest and your legal rights and reasonable expectations


We can share your personal data if needed under your approval, for purposes listed under the section : ‘Why we use them’

Service providers

When we share your personal data for the purposes listed under the section : ‘why we use them ?’, our partners need to complain to the privacy legislation and they cannot use these personal data for any other purpose.


Information on your purchases can be shared with our business partners from whom you bought a product or a service, eg for direct delivery purposes, availability of the product or services

Other receivers

We can share your personal data with following parties :

  • Judicial authorities or regulatory authorities

  • Parties in lawsuites, as lawyers, claimants, defenders etc to protect or exercise our legal rights


In cases where we are brought to transfer personal data to a location outside Belgium or the European Community, we will apply all necessary procedures to have guarantees to make these transactions in a safe way.


We store your personal data as long as needed to serve its purposes. The time depends on

  • The business relations needs to store these data

  • The needs and requests on contracts

  • Legal needs ( data protection, insurances, fiscal obligations, personnel matters)

  • Rules and recommendations from data protection authorities

Propath can keep certain personal data after the termination of this timeframe eg to solve certain disputes, for actual or future court procedures, to keep track of our archives or to fulfil our legal obligations or defend our legal rights.


We review on regular basis the technical and organisational security measures we took to put our information and communication systems up to date to prevent loss, misuse or unappropriated changes to your personal data.

We can never held responsible for any damage occurred after access or use of our website, nor damage or viruses which can infect your computers or other assets

Although we took all possible measures to guarantee the reliability of the data on our website and in our brochures and technical manuals, we can never held responsible for errors, omissions or results that may occur after transmission, resending or collection, or use or these data.


You can excercise all your rights as concerned party. Your rights are :

  • Access to your personal data . you have the right to know if we keep your personal data. You can ask for a copy of these data; and about information how we process your data.

  • Rectification of inaccurate personal data and, in certain circumstances, you can request to delete data, limit the use of these personal data. You can object to process and use these data for direct marketing, or for any other reason related to your specific situation.

  • Objection against the use of your personal data for certain reasons (eg marketing)

  • Restriction. You have the right to restrict the use of your personal data under certain circumstances. Eg during the period we investigate a complaint of incorrect personal data.

  • Erasure of your personal data (under conditions)

  • Data portability if applicable, you have the right to get a copy of have send a copy to another company ( machine readable form) of the personal data you have given to us.

  • Withdrawal of a permission given to use your personal data at any time. Eg permissions given in the section ‘why we use them’ subsection marketing.


A cookie is a small file which will be kept on your computer when you visit a website. It is specially designed to keep and collect the information about the navigation on the website and to send you personalized services. Your web browser manage these cookies.

We can use cookies to let you navigate in an efficient way onto our website and to perform certain functions as analysis of website traffic. Cookies can also recognise you when you surf again to our website and can give you extra data adjusted to your preferences and interests.

Certain cookies can collect personal data, eg data you give us as user names etc, they can also follow you to give relevant advertisement information.

As most websites, ours can use following cookies:

  • Essential cookies: these are cookies needed for the basic working our the website

  • Functional cookies: these are used to make the user experience better and easier. These can keep some data about former choices or about login and passwords.

  • Analytical and performance cookies: these can be used for internal purposes to help us to optimize the use of the website and to test design solutions for the website. We can work together with external parties for these purposes, so these cookies can be put by third parties.

  • Focused and advertisement cookies: these cookies can be used to send you relevant and customized content and to evaluate the effectiveness of these messages. These contents can be on our website or the website of third parties. We can work together with external parties for these purposes, so these cookies can be put by third parties.

You can change at any time the settings about cookie management. By adapting the parameters in your internet browser ( click on ‘help’ of your browser to get more information on how to do it) you can be warned before you accept a cookie or you can just decline it. In this case you will probably not get access to that specific function on the website

Please note when you use computers on different spots, you need to configure each browser accordingly your specific cookie preferences.


To send us any request to exercise above rights or to get more information about it, you can contact us on below contact details :

Nieuwe Pontstraat 9

B- 9600 Ronse