Propath provides all-in solutions for safe, ergonomic and attractive workplaces in pathology, laboratoria and mortuary services
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Why choose Propath?

Integrated solutions

Propath provides integrated systems, adding our expertise in a constructive co-conception process and optimising your workflow. Each design concept is discussed to the last detail and presented through life-like 3D visuals.

Tailor-made or modular

Your working environment and your requirements are unique to your specific business. Propath offers personalised solutions through tailor-made or modular components, making the best flexible use of the available space.

Safe and attractive

A safe, healthy and comfortable working environment will inspire and motivate your employees. Improving their physical and mental well-being is bound to encourage better teamwork and increase productivity.

Innovative and futureproof

We ensure that the equipment you buy today will withstand future developments in pathology. All of our products are manufactured, installed and maintained by our high-class team in Belgium.

Quality and durability

Every single Propath product is a high-quality product. Integrating powder coating on some of our stainless steel panels makes them easier to maintain and at the same time more resistant to chemical products.

Close to you

Propath is a full-blown family busines since 1993, driven by the sustainable management vision of a committed owner-CEO. We connect to international clients through a network of qualified distributors in Europe and beyond.

BWP 2024

Meet us at the Belgian Week of Pathology 2024 (4-5 October)

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